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                                    Text Box: No more unplugging your computer and lugging it to the repair shop
No more waiting to get your computer back from the shop
No more spending extra money on gas…
  Now, you can have your computer repaired in the comfort of your home or business.
  Your PC has become an important part of your every-day life.  When it fails, you could find yourself in a serious dilemma.  More than 80% of all personal computer problems we see are software related.  Let us assist you with your PC problems and get you up and running much faster than the time and gas consumed when you take your computer into a shop for repairs.       
  The Computer Place is now offering computer  CyberRepair service...a newer, more efficient way of computer repair that is sweeping the globe.  It’s like having a technician come to your home or business and repair your computer while you watch.  With your permission, a special web-based screen-sharing software is installed solely for the purpose of diagnosing and repairing your computer.  You will enter a “chat session” with a PC technician who will ask you questions and guide you through the process. After the session is over, the software is completely removed.  So, you don’t have to unplug and lug...our technicians can fix most of your computer problems without you having to bring your computer to us.
1.  Fast, low cost alternative to a repair shop  
2.   You can watch our technician diagnose and correct the problem.
3.   The process is both safe and secure.
4.    Most importantly…you can return to work.  
When you’re in a computer dilemma, the Computer Place has your solution.... PC CyberRepair 

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